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Because Privacy matters the most!

Shopping habits have changed and so do the data and privacy policies. Those days are the matter of the past when maintaining the data safety was just a formality as now is the time when being proactive about your account’s security is mandatory to reduce the potential for the problem before it actually happens. Data Privacy has always been important, therefore, people rent safety deposit boxes in the bank or put locks on the filing cabinets. But as more of our information becomes digitized, the importance of privacy has multiplied by manifolds.

Data privacy mainly relates to how a piece of information should be handled according to its relative importance. It is the ability to control who can access your information as if it gets in the wrong hand, bad things will happen. In the digital age, we usually apply the concept of data privacy to the critical personal information that includes bank account numbers, credit card information, and other financial data. For a business, data privacy goes beyond personal identifiable information (PII) of employees and customers; it also includes how the company operates, how it is spending and investing and other important information.

For any company, data is the vital asset and we are no exception. We have adopted several ways to collect and use the customer’s information and it is our fundamental right to protect every single detail that we are gathering. However, with the advancement in technology, maintaining data privacy and eliminating fraud to the fullest is surely challenging but we still try to safeguard the customer’s information to the maximum extent. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to assure the data safety and to secure the credit card transactions. SSL mainly encrypts the information so that the card details and all other information can be prevented from being stolen. It enhances payment security and thus, makes customers willing to buy products and services without thinking twice. We always value our customers and respect your privacy, therefore, assure that your information is absolutely secure with us. We always follow fair business processes and regulations when it comes to the customer’s personal identifiable information.

Secure Credit Card Transactions

Long gone are those days when you had to engage in the hassle of counting your change as now is the time when credit cards have replaced the cash in the wallet and empowers you to buy whatever you like without having a second thought, be it purchasing your favorite car, booking the flight tickets to your preferred destination or buying the diamond ring for your soulmate. All you need to do is swipe your credit card at your favorite retail merchant store or add the required details on the website and add life to your dreams. However, the reality is not as smooth as it seems to be. Have you ever thought about the security of your credit card transactions? Credit card details are something that need to be kept secret and hidden in order to avoid the misuse. Practice credit card protection from day one to avoid further hiccups.

Safeguarding your credit card usually comes down to common sense and there are several ways one can adopt to keep your account safe and secure. We have opted for end-to-end encryption and Security Socket Layer protocol to maintain the safety of your credit card information. This ensures that your card and account information will remain secure as it goes directly from the card reader to the processor who finally confirms and accepts the payment. In addition to this, SSL layer will always keep the hackers away from the sensitive data and thus protects the information from being hacked. We never save your credit card details and therefore, you can rest assured while purchasing our products and services.


Privacy holds an important place in this digitized world; after all, we don’t want everyone to access our personal identifiable information without our consent. When it comes to protecting our data, we cannot just focus on the threats coming from outside. With the increased collaboration and integration between the systems, there are several entities that are interacting with the system and accessing the privileged data. Every customer wants to be sure that the information is in secured hands and here, the need of ‘Authorization’ comes into play.

Authorization is mainly the security mechanism to determine the user privileges related to the system resources. This is the process of allowing or denying access to the network resource.

We always prioritize the customer’s privacy and thus, we request for approval for the amount of your transaction at the time when you share credit or debit card information with us and hold the same for temporary basis in, by chance, we will be unable to process your transaction, owing to any reason, then you will not be charged. The process belongs to the security measure and offers a protection against any unauthorized access. It is an integral part of control access permissions and is usually automated. We never deduct payment without sending you an authorization mail or link or any authorization code. This is done to make your payments safer than ever as well as to maintain the transparency between the customers and the company. With the help of this authorization mail, you can get to know that your anticipated transaction is going to be done in a short while. We use strict safety measures for processing credit card payments in order to eliminate the chance of any fraud transactions. After this authorization mail, the customer will be held responsible for any and all credit card transactions.